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Feeling bloody pleased with myself.
I was in a shopping centre, waiting for my mum, and I had this idea. I ran into this clothes shop and said to the assistant
“Excuse me, what year is this?”
And she was like,
“2014, are you OK?”
So I went
“YES! IT WORKED! WE DID IT!” really loudly, and ran for the door.
I was wearing jeans and a jacket (Bad Wolf Bay style) and I have been told quite a lot that I look like Rose (same hairstyle, eyes etc).
“Mummy, was that Rose Tyler? Is she going to find the Doctor?”
I heard and turned around and winked at him and ran off. I like to think that made his day.

It also made mine.

This is fantastic!

"The Unquiet Dead" Review


I am sure that at some point we have all been scared of the dead coming back to life. This episode of Doctor Who feeds into that fear right from the beginning with an old woman coming back to life and attacking people. This episode starts interesting, giving the audience a mystery to be solved right from the start.

The Rose and Doctor relationship continues to deepen. Their relationship literally makes me want a relationship as inspiring.

Gweneth, the maid of the house, who has the “sight” is a wonderfully written character. She is strong and has a power that no one understands but she strives to use it for good by finding the dead that have come back.

Charles Dickens makes his appearance in this episode and thank god he was played by Simon Callow who did an incredible job. “I am like a ghost, condemned to repeat myself for all eternity.” The thought that a writer is sick of just one of his works becoming famous while his other works are ignored is magnificent.

The Doctor saying Rose looks beautiful in the 1860’s style dress is heartwarming.


As Charles Dickens is telling the story of A Christmas Carol, specifically when Scrooge sees Marley’s face in the door knocker, he sees the woman brought back to life, her face exactly how Marley’s face would have looked. If people ever say that Doctor Who has bad writing, this is a prime example of your counter argument.


Why it was necessary for them to drug Rose and leave her for the dead to kill her is beyond me, but people do crazy things when they are scared and don’t know what to do.

The Doctor fangirling over Charles Dickens is just precious.

The skepticism of Charles Dickens is perfect. Of course a man that writes of the impossible and supernatural would be a skeptic for any of it to be real. This character writing is incredible.

The idea of gas creatures inhabiting humans due to the gas production from decay is very smart writing. Especially with gas being the primary source of fuel for lighting in this period, gas creatures make perfect sense and the dead coming to life aspect makes for a creepy tale.

Girl talk with someone from hundreds of years ago is hilarious and brings us the lesson that women of the past are just like us, they may have worn longer skirts and had less education but still we are the same.

Gweneth seeing into Rose’s time is incredible acting. The reference to the “Big Bad Wolf” really draws the audience into this idea that sets in motion the end game for the season.

The idea that the gas creatures are few in numbers because of the time war, brings insight into the mysterious war of the doctor and also into the reason of these creatures need. We see that the “gelth” are in need of a physical form or they will die.

Rose’s argument of the indecency to use dead bodies for the “gelth” comes down to a basic argument many make today. The sacrifice of the few for the good of the many. Rose makes a valid point for the value of the human person and respect for the dead, but at this point the doctor is thinking that he can save a whole race from extinction. What is the right choice is really left in the air for the audience to ponder.

Gweneth sacrificing herself to save a species, and ultimately humanity, develops her character to one of courage and beauty. But alas they turn out to be evil, the audience and everyone regrets this sacrifice. The gelth set out to kill the whole human race for bodies is terrifying.

The reference back to the face in the knocker is humorous. Charles saving the day is amazing and perfect, as in fact Charles DIckens to write the amazing works he did must have been a marvelously intelligent man.
The hand hold and the “I am so glad i met you,” “Me too,” thing made my heart cry for companionship.

"She saved the world, a servant girl, and no one will ever know." This line from Rose is a true reminder that no matter where you come from or who you are you are capable of incredible feats.

Charles Dickens’ pride and emotion when hearing that his books last forever is not only wonderful acting but also wonderful writing.

All in all this episode may not have been the best and most intriguing episode of Doctor Who but it is worth watching to say the least. 

One amazing line from this episode that you should take with you is this, “There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”



Anonymous asked:

so last night I spent an hour trying to find 9's full "who says you're not important" line from father's day because I saw a post mentioning 11 saying "900 years and I've never met someone who wasn't important" (as an explanation why 11 was their favorite doctor) and I had convinced myself (to the point of hearing it in 9's voice) that he had said it only to realize I was wrong and feel like an idiot. however I do feel the meaning was the same and it still shows how much he cares and all


YES, but alright, can we look at the context for both these quotes please?

With Nine, he was saying it to a young bride and her groom, who were completely, thoroughly ordinary…that’s what made them important.

(genuinely shocked)
Who said you’re not important? I’ve travelled to all sorts of places. Done things you couldn’t even imagine,  but… you two… street corner. Two in the morning. Getting a taxi home. I’ve never had a life like that.

Fast forward to the episode that is also being mentioned, A Christmas Carol, when he says this directly in reference to THE GIRL FROZEN IN A CRYOGENIC CHAMBER, in the sitting room of the dude controlling the weather.

This is not an ordinary situation, and probably not an ordinary person.  Other than telling the kid to ‘keep the faith’ about Father Christmas, he doesn’t really give a damn about anyone except the pretty blonde who’s mysteriously frozen in ice.

That’s not the same thing.  At all.  Moffat may have thought he was saying the same thing, but he also thought that it was okay for the Doctor to tell a dying girl that he remembers everyone, only to ask who she was.  He’s not the best judge of realistic emotions, or the Doctor’s character.

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