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Just some thoughts about ‘Father’s Day’ episode

For the name of the episode for me isn’t about the day of Fathers, you know, the Father’s Day but the day of this one father who could know his daughter grown up, which he never would, and he could do something for her, he could save her and the world, and Rose could know how much her father indeed loved her and not only knowing about it from Jackie.

I’m not a person who cry or get emotional watching series or movies but oh God! How hurts watch ‘Father’s Day’!!!! You know, when Pete discovers Rose is his daughter from future and they hug each other and Rose says “My daddy!” I just can’t….

People call Rose selfish for saving her dad but how could you not try and save your dad who you never have a chance to meet? How could you not try to save someone important to you if you had a chance?

Rose didn’t really know how bad was that ideia. I guess Nine never expected her to do that, he was angry with her but then he knew, she didn’t know how bad the consequences could be, because I don’t have doubts that if she knew the world would end in a terrible paradox, she wouldn’t have try it.

When the Doctor ask her to say she’s sorry, she say it, he notices she’s really sorry for have saved her dad and then he forgives her, because he knows if she knew, she really didn’t have save her dad. How can I say she’s selfish? Rose has her heart in the right place,

And the end? Oh my feels! Pete saying how happy he is for have these extras hours to have a chance to know her even if he has to die again. My heart was breaking since series 1.

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