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“How do you know Jack?” asked Rose suddenly.

“I met him…oh…fifteen years ago?” James replied promptly.  “I…did some work with Torchwood, not too long after he started there.  Actually, I met your husband a couple of times.”

“What?” she asked, stunned.

“Mhm,” he said.  “Just sort of in passing, when he came to talk to Jack.  He was a good man, though.  Ridiculously smart, and really, coming from me, that’s saying something.”

“Yeah, Jack said something about that,” she said, skirting away from the subject of John.  It was too raw of a wound at the moment.  

Favourite Fanfictions in a Gifset: 2/?

Out of the Ashes - Chapter 4

By the talented gallifreyslostson


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